Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Greetings from NEVIS

When one thinks about the Caribbean thoughts of lying on white sandy beaches soaking up the sunshine comes to mind. During my first two weeks on the Island we have had heavy rainfall in the mornings pretty much everyday. As a consequence when the rains subsided and the sun came out to chase away the lingering gray clouds, Mother Nature has been bringing out her palette and paint brushes and splashing the horizon with the most breathtaking rainbows imaginable, and more often than not, brilliant double rainbows so spectacular, even Michael Angelo would pause to pay homage. And this spectacular backdrop just for a group of hearty souls who gather to exercise and swim every weekday morning, arriving at the beach at 6.30am. An impossible thought if you live in Europe or North America but here in the tropics it’s something special to swim at dawn in the cool exhilarating Caribbean Sea.

I am excited about blogging from my Island home on Nevis here in the eastern Caribbean. Since arriving I must truly confess, that I have done nothing but relax enjoying the almost constant 82 degree daytime temperature, revisiting old haunts and catching up with friends and family. I hope to be getting around soon to visiting the markets and other food venues and eating establishments, hopefully finding some new recipes to expand my product line and of course to share with you.