Wednesday, March 7, 2012


 Sunshine is known internationally for his famous “Killer Bee,” a potent rum concoction that is as tasty as it is addictive; one has to just sit at the bar and watch as boat loads of tourists from yachts anchored offshore, guests from the neighboring five diamond Four Seasons Resort and locals alike swarm in for the killer bee experience. I am not saying that I have not on one or more occasion indulged in this intoxicating drink, but my reason for this particular visit was to sample perhaps the second best menu item behind the killer bee, his marinated grilled fish. This is a well seasoned whole fish, Grouper or Red Snapper, crisply grilled on an outdoor coal fire to mouth watering perfection.
After complementing the owner and chef for his masterpiece, he sat down with us to share some of his secrets for perfectly grilled fish. Remember I said some of his secrets, I also had to read between the lines to come up with this version.

One fish per person, one pound to a pound and a half thoroughly cleaned and pat dried with paper towel, place fish in a baking dish and cover with marinade for two hours or longer.

2 tbs of minced garlic
1  onion, chopped
1 bunch of scallions, chopped
1 bunch of fresh thyme ( 1 tbs dried)
1tsp black pepper
1 or 2 scotch bonnet peppers (substitute 1 tsp Walters Caribbean hot sauce)
1 tbs sea salt
¼ cup extra virgin olive oil
¼ cup of fresh lime juice

Mix ingredients thoroughly and pour over the fish. Marinate for approximately two hours. Grill slowly over medium coal fire turning to cook equally on both sides.

Thanks to Sunshine. Bon Apetit.  

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